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getmygameon replied to your photoset “And what’s an asylum without inmates patients.  I took all my stealth…”

Good lord you’re brave to play with THAT MANY sims! 0.0

Sims always die when I play households like this (I’ll not say if that is due to my negligence or their stupidity).  I don’t know think I will be really playing this household, though.  I needed it for taking pictures involving Olive, and those poor bin sims were just sitting in the bin looking pathetic because I never play them, so I tossed them all in.  It should be interesting if they show up around town in their hospital gowns.

And what’s an asylum without inmates patients.  I took all my stealth bin families except the Ottomi, Julien Cooke, and Cyd roseland and those damn dogs.  The Ottomi have won the Lotto and live in a mansion on the the north end of town.  Julien has his car dealership, and Cyd and the dogs are still in the bin.

All children were aged to adults, and everyone got a makeover.

Strangetown is almost back to its former glory.  In Fact, I think it’s looking better than it ever has.  Just have to finish up that hospital and one tiny comm lot, and find a house or two to put on Dead End Lane.  The big res lot at the bottom of the hill is where the Hospital will be, and the tine lot next to it is just for filler. I wish there was a way to smooth terrain in the neighborhood view.  That droppoff near the Curious place looks  a little scary.  That’s what I get for trying to put another house up there (which has since been removed).

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