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I got 5 new followers today.  All in one day!  I don’t know the reason, but it’s pretty freaking awesome no matter the reason.  I was going to post a big nasty rant this morning (I was in an awful mood - not enough coffee) but I think I’ll just hold back for now.  Don’t want to make a bad impression on the new kids.

Anyway, thanks for the follows!   Yunz guises are the best.

Vidcund walked down the street from the Law Offices of Crook and Fink, LLC to the Corner Pub.  He took a seat at the bar and ordered a double of bourbon.  He hated bourbon, but it had been her drink.  He tossed back the double and ordered another.  He opened the box.  Inside was a piece of paper folded into quarters.  Written on the piece of paper was the word ‘smile’, illustrated with a little happy face.  Vidcund removed the piece of paper from the box and unfolded it.


I wish I could have been there to see Circe’s face when Ira said that I left something for you.  You didn’t tell her what it was did you?  Nevermind, I know you well enough.  You didn’t tell her.  I bet her reaction was priceless.  Yes, maybe it was a cruel little trick to play on her.  If you want to someday tell her what was in this box, I don’t mind.

Please Vidcund, don’t give up on her.  What you said to her the night before her wedding is true.  He will hurt her, and there will come a day when she needs someone.  Please let that someone be you. (Yes, I was listening at the kitchen window.  I was hopeful that you might be able to bring her to her senses.  She is so damn stubborn - just like her father.)

I want to thank you for the time that we spent together.  We had many good times together, some of the best of my life.  I’m so very grateful that you kept your promise to visit me.  I never imagined your visit would turn into what it did, but I am glad it did.  I only wish that I had been 20 years younger.

Please look out for my girl, and take care of yourself.  I think some day you two will end up together.  God help you all, though, if she ever finds out about you and I.

All my love,


Vidcund looked to see if there was anything else in the box.  Carefully, he lifted out a daisy.  It was just a  wild daisy that had been pressed between the pages of a book.  He looked at the daisy and remembered.. and he mourned.

March 2000
Law Offices of Crook and Fink, LLC

Vidcund was the last to show up for the reading of Grainne Salamis’ will.  He was surprised when he got the call from the attorney telling him he had been left something in Grainne’s will.  Loki and Circe were the only other people in the room, aside from Ira Crook Esq.

"What are you doing here?" Circe hissed.

Vidcund shrugged.

Grainne Salamis’ will was your standard Last Will and Testament. Everything went to Circe, minus a small percentage that went to Grainne’s favorite charity.

"There is one specific bequest,"  explained Ira Crook Esq.  Grainne set aside one specific item to be given to Vidcund Curious.  Ira Crook Esq, held out a small box for Vidcund.  Vidcund accepted the box from Ira Crook Esq.  The box resembled a jewelry box like one might receive a gift of an expensive necklace in.  It was black and velvety on the outside and about the size of a half a sheet paper of notebook paper.

Circe was furious.  Loki didn’t look happy either.

"Why would she leave any thing for him?" she asked.  "She had no reason to leave anything to him!"  Circe stepped closer to the desk of Ira Crook Esq and demanded that he tell her what Grainne Salamis left to Vidcund Curious.

"Grainne was adamant, when she added this specific bequeath six months ago, that I not divulge the nature of it to anyone other than Mr. Curious.  If Mr. Curious wants to tell you what was left to him, that would be his choice.  

All eyes were on Vidcund.  

Vidcund opened the hinged lid on the box, careful that no one could see the contents but him.  A smile spread across his face, and he closed the box.

"Is that all, Mr. Crook?," Vidcund asked.

That was all.  Vidcund thanked Ira Crook Esq and shook the man’s hand.  Still grinning, he walked to the door.  He paused next to Loki.  “She always did like me better than you,” he said before he continued on his way out the door.

February, 2000
The Bunker

Vidcund Curious was sitting at the kitchen island with a bowl of Froot Loops and a tankard of coffee in front of him. He sipped at the coffee as he waited for his Froot Loops to get soggy.  To keep his brain occupied while he waited , he worked on the previous Sunday’s New York Times crossword puzzle.  

Pascal came into the kitchen and put a section of that morning’s newspaper in front of his brother.  Vidcund didn’t look up from his crossword.  He was trying to figure out the answer to 27 Across.

"Grainne Salamis is in the obituaries this morning.  Do you want to chip in to send flowers?"  Pascal asked.

Vidcund didn’t hear anything that came after the word ‘obituaries’.  He picked up the paper Pascal put on the counter.  There it was, in black and white, ‘Grainne (McGork) Salamis age 48 died peacefully in her sleep February, 12, 2002.  She is preceded in death by her husband, Xanthos Salamis, and survived by their only daughter, Circe Beaker…’

"I know you haven’t talked to Circe in a while," Pascal said, "but I thought you still might want to chip in."

Vidcund did not hear his brother’s suggestion.  He felt like he just had the wind knocked out of him.  


Pascal went to his brother’s side. 

"You all right?" Pascal asked.


"Are you okay?" Pascal asked again.

Vidcund cleared his throat, but wasn’t able to get rid of the lump that had formed there.

"Just surprised is all," he said.

Pascal wasn’t buying it.

"Are you sure you’re okay?" he asked again.


"Sorry. I didn’t mean to shock you.  I know Grainne always liked you, but I didn’t expect you to take it so hard.  I mean, it’s not like you have seen her at all since Circe’s wedding."

Vidcund looked up from the newspaper.

"I might have stopped in to see how she was doing a few times.” Vidcund told him.

"Might have?"

"At the wedding, she made me promise to stop in and see her from time to time.  So, I did. "

"Jesus F. Christ," Pascal muttered.  "You were sleeping with her weren’t you?"

"That makes it sound so vulgar," Vidcund said.  "Contrary to what you think you know about me, it wasn’t like that."

"You don’t mean to say that you were…"  Pascal paused to try to think of another way to put it, but couldn’t think of one. "You weren’t in love with her, were you?"

Vidcund finally answered after a minute or so of thought.

"I’m not sure."

simessence replied to your quote “Wish in one hand, shit in the other. See which one fills up first.”

could you explain this for me? i sort of get it but i don’t understand it completely

Wishes have no substance.  They are pretty words and ideas, but that is all. You could wish all day that there was no such thing as racism, but wishing will not make it go away.  Getting rid of racism will take effort and action -  wishing won’t get the job done.  You could wish all day that you could win the lottery.  All those wishes won’t get you that jackpot.  You have to go out and buy that ticket.  If you fill one hand with wishes, you have a hand full of nothing.  If you crap in the other hand, you have a handful of crap.  Disgusting as it is, crap has more substance than wishes.

I had a lot more to say, but tumblr ate my post.  So this is all you are getting.

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